digitaler quality

It’s more digital quality.

Warthog For Real

WETA Workshop has built a full-size running Warthog to produce promo footage for the upcoming Halo 3. [via Autoblog].


Loudness War

Music production inflation. [via Wikipedia].

Bread-Breaking Math

People that eat with one other person consume around 35% more food than if they eat alone. People that eat as part of a group of four eat 75% more and those eating as part of a group of seven or more eat 96% more [via Taylor McKnight].

Hot Fan Designs

10 Less Than Ordinary Fans to Keep Cool | Crave : The gadget blog

RX-7 Asphalt Sled

RX-7 loses all four wheels navigating the cones at an autocross event. [via Autoblog].

When was the last time you just went for a drive?

Great Night Drives at Volkswagen’s Night Driving by Golf [via Autoblog]. Find some in your area or create your own.

Give Your Photos The Look

Quick tutorial for giving your photos “the look” in Photoshop. [via Lifehacker]. There are filters that do the same thing literally at the click of a button, but it’s nice to see it broken down into do-it-yourself steps.