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Flock Impressions

First thought: i hate the nav buttons—all round, all blue. And kinda small.

Second thought: i should port LCD to Flock. I wonder if there are any themes yet.

Third thought: they say they’re hiring. I wonder if they need a theme hacker.

The visual aspect is always what i focus on first. It’s to be expected, but the current theme/UI is rough. I’m thinking that i could do some damage with this thing. Looks like they’re going for a fully-skinned style more than the native-friendly Firefox default. But there’s still a lot of wallpaper to put up.

I love the little native-gray window resize grippy in the bottom right corner. I wonder if there was a theme this was spawned from, or if they’re hacking from scratch.

And then there’s the functionality. Every time i try to do anything with the inbuilt features, it starts chugging away at 90% CPU and i have to end process. And the blogging tool wouldn’t publish my first post because i had changed my password from the default and it didn’t know what to do. It took me a few tries to figure out what the problem was.

Don’t think i like the search bar results always opening in a new tab. Sometimes i’ll follow-up search on variations and want it in the same tab so i can back/forward. But i guess better to be safe and not steal an existing tab.

I don’t get why you can’t just drag stuff onto the feather Blog button to blog it. Instead you have to click the feather button, then click the Topbar button, then click Blog Topbar, then go back to the page, then drag back to the Blog Editor. That seems kinda obvious to me, so i’m guessing it’s planned functionality that hasn’t yet materialized.


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