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LCD for Flock Ideas

Been thinking recently that i should port/update LCD for Flock. For a few reasons. A big one being: i don’t think there are any other Flock themes yet. So being first out of the gate would be huge. I looked around a little on the Flock forums, and Googled a little the other day, but didn’t come up with anything, though they’re already working on converting the Flock theme over to Firefox at my old MozillaZine stomping grounds. The other big, and maybe really important reason is that it would be motivation to get me working on LCD again. Working on anything again, really. I haven’t really had any project or anything that i’ve been passionate about in a long time.

But anyway, an idea i just had was to change LCD’s signature green glow into a soft blue to match the current Flock palette. I guess blue is the new [old new-color]. This new WordPress admin interface at is blue. It would end up looking like an iPod or something, i guess. I could maybe lighten up the dull gray to make the overall look similar to Flock’s current theme, but still maintain that liquid crystal display style.

One big problem is going to be the iconing. I was already running into limitations with the stock Firefox icons. I don’t know if i can manage Flock’s new buttons in 49 pixels. Though i can maybe just repurpose some—like LCD’s Bookmarks for Flock’s Star, since they’re basically the same thing.

Who knows… just some ideas.


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