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Broken Stuff

Quick (and almost certainly incomplete) rundown of things that aren’t working in LCD:

  • Toolbar buttons. Obviously.
  • No scrollbars.
  • Options window. Doesn’t work at all.
  • Tab icons are incorrectly always transparent.
  • DOMI quit working.
  • Themes and Extension windows slightly busted.
  • Searchbar disappeared.
  • Non-browser tabs (Page Info, Page Setup) incorrectly have close buttons.
  • Most Flock-specific new features (Blog Editor, bars, Favorites/Star stuff, all new buttons/icons everywhere, etc.)

And that’s all without even getting into the code—just poking around the UI a little. It works enough to use it while writing these last two posts. Many things still work perfectly, like menus and the Customize Toolbar window. Even the customized About dialog still works. Just proves that having solid and thorough Global styles is the key to a strong theme.



  miahz wrote @

Well, DOMI kinda works. You can only open one instance. If you close that and/or try to open any others it opens a phantom window. Doubt that has anything to do with LCD.

Trying to figure out where to start. Inspecting the tab close buttons that somehow are inherited from the default theme, it appears there are /browser/content/-hardcoded styles and icons in use here. Not fun.

The Searchbar requires an overlay binding (“lucene”?). Not sure what that’s all about yet. Gonna be a little while before my brain’s fully back in XUL mode again.

A lot of breakage was fixed by simply copying over missing files/folders from the default theme. But some stuff is gonna take some manual lifting. Options is still broken. But that’s more likely because i never updated for Prefwindow V, and have no idea what changed.

Not sure how to fix scrollbars. Seems the Searchbar doesn’t search even after copying files, though it looks mostly correct.

And that’s enough for one night.

  Melody wrote @

You rock my freakin socks off. Love Ya!! Mel » Blog Archive » Motivational Themes wrote @

[…] All the everyday stuff should work—i can get along in Flock just fine. But the Options window doesn’t work at all. There may be one or two other big things, but other than that it’s just gonna be bits of polish here and there. The only thing preventing me from diving into the water is the few can’t-live-without extensions that haven’t been updated for 1.5 yet. I seem to remember there was something you could run old extensions through to make them compatible, but haven’t been able to find it, if there was such a thing. […] » Blog Archive » status 20060130-0139 wrote @

[…] Firefox looks less busted than Flock did in its first fitting. I think the main visual oddity is the feed icon dealy in the Location Bar, which needs an icon and some tailoring. Behind the scenes, the biggest movement will be getting the new Options window working. There’s some slight unstyling in the Extensions and Downloads windows that needs to be synced up. The Page Info dialog tabbox also lost a bit of styling, but should be trivial to fix. The Help window has the Back/Forward button dropmarker bustage again; seems like i had to fix the exact same thing for 1.0. […]

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