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Flock Bug 1582

Filed a bug for the non-themeable tab close buttons.



  Lloyd D Budd wrote @

A fix was checked in a short time ago. Theming is an area where are team is a little weak, so we particularly appreciate your bugs!

  miahz wrote @

Oh wow. So it was. Need to check my bugmail.

Well, i’m more than willing to help out, as long as i can squeeze some time.

  Lloyd D Budd wrote @

Hi Miahz,

In the bug you comment “Is there some place we can track other similar “make themeable” issues?” Can you elaborate on how we can help you help us! To start, now that I “know you”, I will help get your bugs priority.

All the “theme” bugs. Not all of them are true “theme” issues, but they are to a user.

  WIP 20051206 at A Fool’s Wisdom wrote @

[…] Discovered Miahz’s fantastic work on getting his LCD theme working with Flock , got some developer attention to a bug he submitted related to making Flock more themer friendly, and also identified and confirmed another bug he discovered. […]

  miahz » Flock Bug 1582: WFM wrote @

[…] Thanks to some help from the Flock crew, Bug 1582 was fixed in rapid fashion, and i just stamped it with a WFM after checking it out in the “1134521712″ hourly build from Dec 13 2005 19:55:12 GMT-0500. […]

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