digitaler quality

It’s more digital quality.


Forked the LCD code the other day because i didn’t know how much would be changing from Firefox. Plus that was for pre-1.0 Firefox, so there are going to be a lot of changes regardless. I’ll just have to backport updates to LCD for Firefox.

Got the Stop-Reload button linked up with some images, which was pretty simple. There’s a red border around it in the reload state, but didn’t take any time to look into that yet. Also added the Blog and Favorites buttons to my browser toolbar button rules set so they’re styled properly. They just need icons. I’ll probably recycle the old Bookmarks icon for favorites. Though not sure what to do about the Blog one yet.

Also not sure what to tackle next. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and i’m still trying to get into the XUL/CSS hacking mode i was in when i cooked up the original LCD.

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  WIP 20051206 at A Fool’s Wisdom wrote @

[…] Discovered Miahz’s fantastic work on getting his LCD theme working with Flock , got some developer attention to a bug he submitted related to making Flock more themer friendly, and also identified and confirmed another bug he discovered. […]

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