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Flock 0.5.11 Released

The Flock crew just put out their first new release in a couple months. I haven’t touched Flock in a while since i shifted my focus to the more tangible (and easier) updating of LCD for Firefox 1.5. So though it may look like nothing’s going on over here, almost all of the work that goes into fixing up the Firefox 1.5 version can be translated to Flock. After that, when Flock is standing on a more sturdy theme, i’ll be able to more easily jump into the heavy customiztion for Flock-specific features. Not to mention that in its current state, Flock still has bugs that limit certain theming endeavors; attempting to hack on them now would almost certainly mean having to redo them post-fix.



  Lloyd D Budd wrote @

Sounds like a wise approach!

All the best to you,
Lloyd D Budd
Flock QA (Qommunity and quality Assurance)
Flock /

  miahz wrote @

Yeah, usually i prefer to attack the “interesting” features like the new stuff Flock brings, but i haven’t had much time to put into it lately. Once i do transition back to working on Flock stuff, i’ll probably be filing a few more theme bugs and/or patches.

  miahz wrote @

0.5.12 is quick a security fix that chouldn’t change anything theme-wise since dot-eleven.

  Alejandro wrote @

thanks for the link I forgot about flock :) know I’m gonna test it ;)

  Lloyd D Budd wrote @

Raj will be cleaning up the theme over the next couple of months. I look forward to your feedback there after!

  miahz wrote @

Excellent. Thanks for the heads-up, Lloyd.

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