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Flock Tab Labels

Just had an idea that might help readability of Flock’s tab labels when you have a lot of tabs open.  I have a window open with enough tabs that no labels are shown on any of the tabs, and i realized it was odd since there was still plenty of space next to the close button (don’t get me started on those things).  I remembered that XUL label elements get a lot of horizontal margins by default, and i just checked the tabs with DOMI and saw that there’s even more padding added to the tab.  I think a lot of this can be cleaned up to allow more room for labels and still maintain a pleasing appearance.  There’s a couple of tweaks that would help, but the clincher would be removing some of the left-padding from the tab and left-margin from the label and putting it on the icon.  That way the space disappears with the icon when not selected, leaving more room for the label.  That alone would add maybe 10px of horizontal room to each tab.  And every pixel counts—especially when you multiply that by a dozen or more tabs open at once.  Bug and patch when i have time.


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  Lloyd D Budd wrote @

Great idea. I look forward to first the bug (and then the patch)!

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