digitaler quality

It’s more digital quality.


I've made a few changes to freshen things up a bit around here and to help keep them fresher. Or digitaler, if you will. First some explanation. It probably seems like there is no activity going on; the last post is over a month old. While that's true—pretty much—it's not the whole story.

My LCD theme for Firefox has grown stale, and i've been slowly chipping away at updating it. Nearly all of those updates will be ported to this Flock version, as they share many of the same bits. I jumped into this Flock version quickly at first mainly to prove it was possible and a worth-while venture. It works. But Flock brings with it a whole new set of unique theming issues. And those are best dealt with after i bring the base LCD theme up to speed. So i've added a feed of LCD-related posts to the sidebar so you can scope development on the Firefox version. There's also the Flickr feed, which i intend to use more for screenshots, as well as recent posts and commentsall in the sidebar. Check 'em out.

Unfortunately, this came at the cost of the Hemingway theme that i really liked. It had a very non-blog-like newspapery front-page look. Alas, ironically, its unique layout does not support the sidebar widgets that it inspired (it has no sidebar). So now i'm sporting the similarly clean but slightly more colorful Simpla theme.


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