digitaler quality

It’s more digital quality.

Activity Switch

I’m now going to try using as a place to post the interesting links i come across, since i haven’t had a place to do that in a while. So no longer will i attempt to front as if i’ll ever get around to porting my LCD theme for Firefox to Flock. I’m not sure yet if i’ll delete all those old posts or just leave them.

I needed a web-accessible place to drop links with the occassional additional note that was also easy to use, but could also expand to do whatever i wanted as well as tie in to other places if i wanted. pretty much takes care of all of that, so i’m going to give this a try for a little while and see if it works out.


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[…] [2007Jan31–2007Jul25] I used WordPress’s hosted service to experiment with several things, and at one time that was links. […]

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