digitaler quality

It’s more digital quality.

GTI + W12 = OMG

W├Ârthersee 2007: VW shows off monster Golf GTI W12 650 concept – Autoblog


scIROCco Concept Dancing On Water

scIROCco, Volkswagen Skid-pan Ehra-Lessien Test Track [via Autoblog].

Email Bankruptcy

When you are “in debt” to your inbox, you can claim email bankruptcy or maybe try a few of these tips to dig yourself out.

My big Dent Dissapear.

Pop out a dent on your car with canned air and a blow drier [via Lifehacker].

Google 411

Google Voice Local Search free local directory service [via Lifehacker]

Forrest Golf

[via Autoblog]

Moving Through Still Photos

This “screencast” video showing off Microsoft’s Photosynth is pretty amazing. [via Digital Media Minute].